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At HOTTEST BAKERY we believe that the bread we make should be the best it can be. We take great care in finding the best ingredients to make our bread just perfect. We go the extra mile by using the best ingredients we can source from all around Australia as our first point of call, and what we can’t find here, we carefully select from only the best producers overseas.

Our dedicated team of pastry chefs, bakers and baking assistants have an honest passion for what they do, and bake fresh everyday to deliver the best bread in Australia. They create the most delicious recipes, using generous amounts of the best ingredients such as fresh cream, fresh eggs and seasonal fruits. “High Quality” is our mantra and something we take very seriously.
Trading Hours
Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm
Sat 8am-4pm
Special Offers
15/1 - 15/2
*Grab English White Top
Free Sausage Roll:
*A Cup of Coffee:
Free Petit slice of cake
*Any Meat Pie
Free Tomato Sauce
*Family Pie
Buy 2 mini Danish Pastry
for price of 1
Ring or SMS to book
0412 345 678
01 2345 6789
1 million st,
Smarter City, ATC0000

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